We focus on research and development
Bring new hope for patients with rare diseases
We focus on research and development
Bring new hope for patients with rare diseases
We focus on research and development
Bring new hope for patients with rare diseases
Company Profile
We are a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of internally developed and in-licensed innovative drugs for organ fibrosis for two decades.

Front runner in the treatment of organ fibrosis
We have long been focusing on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (“IPF”) and have gradually broadened our therapeutic field and R&D efforts to other areas of organ fibrosis. The flagship product ETUARY® (pirfenidone capsule) was approved in China in 2011 and is among the first three approved drugs for IPF worldwide. Filling IPF treatment vaccum in China, ETUARY® has developed rapidly and achieved a dominant market share in China in 2020. And ETUARY® has been included in the national reimbursement drug list since 2017. While continuously advancing the research and development of our pipeline products, we are one of a few of biopharmaceutical companies focusing on organ fibrosis drugs in China with manufacturing and commercialization capabilities and track record.

Committed to bringing hope through innovation to patients with organ fibrosis
We will enrich and promote our product pipeline by leveraging on our successful and complete experience accumulated from in-house development to commercialization of ETUARY®. And we will also focus on organ fibrosis by researching and developing the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, liver fibrosis and renal fibrosis.
Integrate global resource for all patients.
Focus on research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative drugs for organ fibrosis.
Ying Luo
Chairman of the Board, Non-executive Director and Chief Scientist
Songjiang Ma
General Manager, Executive Director
Weiguo Ye
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Charles Chao Wu
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Lin Han
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Ling Zhang
Vice President of Clinical Medicine
Mingli Zhu
Vice President
Zhenhui Chu
Vice President
Qijia Liu
Vice President
Li Zhang
Vice President
Wen Wang
Secretary of the Board, Office Manager of the General Office of the Board and Joint Company Secretary
Lingzhi Luo
Vice President
Yanping Ye
Research and Development Director
Qingmei Zhu
Senior Quality Director and Qualified Authorised Person
Development history
  • March
    F351 was granted a Breakthrough Therapy designation by the CDE.
    We were awarded Beijing Municipal Specialized, Fine, Unique and Innovative “Small Giant” Enterprise by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology.
    We were awarded Beijing Municipal “Specialized, Fine, Unique and Innovative” Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology.
    We received the NMPA's IND approval to conduct the Phase III clinical trial of F351 for the treatment of liver fibrosis associated with CHB.
  • June
    Our API production center in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, the PRC officially commenced production.
    We established our Shanghai branch to conduct pre-clinical research and development.
    We were converted into a joint stock limited company under the laws of the PRC.
  • February
    ETUARY® was listed as a Category B drug for its IPF indication in the NRDL.
  • December
    We were awarded the Beijing New Technology and New Product (Service) Certificate by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly with other commissions for the first time.
  • March
    The drug pirfenidone and the capsule production workshop passed the on-site inspection certified by GMP (2010).
    Our product, pirfenidone capsules, sold under the trade name ETUARY®, was officially launched in China.
  • September
    GNI further subscribed equity interest in our Company directly and indirectly through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Genomics, and increased its total equity interest in our Company to 51%.
    Pirfenidone was the first drug for treatment of IPF to receive NMPA approval for use in China.
  • June
    GNI acquired 12% equity interest in our Company and became our Shareholder.
  • June
    We obtained our first GMP certificate for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
  • July
    We were established as a limited liability company under the name of Beijing Continent Pharmaceuticals Limited in the PRC.